PE Sessions/PPA Cover

Sport Skills Academy strive to deliver a high quality physical education curriculum that will engage and inspire all pupils to succeed and excel in competitive sport as well as other physically demanding activities. We provide excellent opportunities for pupils to become physically confident in many different activities (new and old) through a variety of PE models and styles which suit the needs of the children and supports their health, fitness and all round well-being.

Research and evidence suggest that regular PE and Sport is beneficial for children’s development in 5 domains:


In some respects, such an effect is unique, owing to the distinctive contexts in which PE and Sport takes place.

Consequently, Sport Skills Academy take responsibility to train our staff who teach and acknowledge the value of PE and Sport to a very high standard with the needs of the pupils as priority. We stress the importance of the quality of the program with individual schools and their PE co-ordinators before commencing.

For further details please contact Michael Beckham on 07771 503376