Active Education Visit

The Active Education Visit (AEV) consists of two staff members from the Sports Skills Academy hosting a fun, engaging and inclusive day in one class.

The AEV involves a sport and a classroom educational workshop. The sport can be at the request of the school or an opportunity of a new sport for the children to try out. The workshop is linked closely to the relevant Key Stage curriculum and follows a sporting job role theme.

The day has an element of competition as the children are split into four teams but the day emphasises greatly on teamwork and sportsmanship. Skills and techniques of the sport are developed throughout the day finishing with a tournament, whilst the workshop also provides opportunities to score points for their team.

Workshops available:

Nutrition (KS1 and 2)


Circulatory System


Team Manager

Fitness and Health

Components of Fitness

Exercise and Pulse Rate

Number Cricket

Human Body (KS1)

Healthy Body (KS1)

Forces in Sport (KS1)

Sports Day (KS1)

Phonics (KS1)